TransLoc Rider: Transit Tracking & Alerts App Reviews

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What is the point?

This app is offered on the Canadian App Store but doesnt recognize any Canadian transit systems. Cmon Apple. We cant get apps on the US site but we can get US apps on the Canadian site that arent relevant.

Emory Student

I LOVE this app! As an Emory student I rely heavily on this app. I do not live close to campus and my schedule is really busy so having the notifications when theres a delay and the reason and location is great!

Tracker isnt always accurate

Ive found the the bus tracker isnt alway accurate and often has buses in the wrong places. Im not sure if this is the buses fault or the app. Also, since the latest update, I cant load any routes. It will not allow me to open up the route option to pick one and view the buses.


Best ride for my everyday ride..


Never disappoints me! Always on point!

Perfect app

Never wander where the buses are again!

Great app

The app really works, simple and easy to use

Love it!

I really like this app! Id love to have the option to set my home address as an alternative to iPhone location. This way I can look at stops and times independently of where I am located. Five stars!

Awesome App

Love the app!!! Helpful in keeping track of when the bus is not far away. I love the real time movement.

Cant select bus routes on iPhone 5

The app doesnt let me choose bus routes on my iPhone 5. Very inconvenient!

How public transit apps should be.

As someone who loves exploring different public transit systems (and accompanying apps) everywhere I go, this app is always what I look to first. Easy to pick up and use in a hurry! Love the ETA and route map features! Now if we could just get more widely used mass-transit...

Amtrak should learn from this App

Its everything Amtrak should be but its not. More accurate than online notices and text updates from Amtrak. Only thing that could improve would be why certain delays have occurred (trespasser/vehicle strikes).


Its unusable now. The route selection button no longer does anything

Location Access while using please!

Currently this app will require you to have location access on Always or Never. Always drains my battery, so I usually have it set to Never, and then I have to turn it on manually. It would be great if you could change this to allow location access While Using.

Useful and easy

Practical and fun app that we have used for several years. I recommend it for anyone riding one of the supported transportation systems.


Pretty good, just wish trip planner let me put an and b location.

Horribly Nonfunctioning App.

This app has proven so far to be useless to me. I have an iPhone 6, and the shuttles in the Atlanta Perimeter area dont show accurately. The tracking feature doesnt work, and shows shuttles sitting still in one location, then it arrives while youre looking at the app. Waste of space. Deleting soon. Wish there were something that could help.


Ever since I found this app, I no longer need to wait at a bus stop not knowing when and where my bus is. This app made my morning commute easier!

Route Options

After the update I cannot select the routes I want to see. The button for selecting the routes is not working. I keep tapping the option but it doesnt bring up the list of routes.

Awesome app

Gets me where I need to go. Very helpful if you have no schedule book!

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