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TransLoc Rider: Transit Tracking & Alerts app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 9232 ratings )
Travel Navigation
Developer: TransLoc Inc.
Current version: 1.4.9, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 22 Nov 2013
App size: 37.08 Mb

TransLoc has raised the bar with this wholly reimagined transit-tracking app. If you’ve ever stood in the rain wondering where your bus or train is, TransLoc Rider is the app for you. TransLoc Rider provides real-time transit tracking, arrival predictions and proximity alerts.

With TransLoc Rider you can:
• Watch buses and trains move in real time
• Set alerts that tell you when your favorite bus is approaching
• See the location and heading of any bus in your vicinity
• Watch all the buses moving on a specific route
• Check the arrival predictions for all buses approaching a specific stop
• Use SmartSearch to quickly locate specific routes and stops
• New multi-modal trip plan update incorporates stop, route and schedule information when passengers use multiple modes of transportation (e.g. Uber and mass transit). *Limited to participating transit agencies.

This app leverages an Apple service called the "significant location change service", which runs in the background and collects data only when your device has traveled 500 meters and five minutes have passed. This results in a tiny processing impact to your device. The benefit to transit riders is assisting transit agencies in positioning routes and stops as well as dispatching vehicles with optimal frequency.

Pros and cons of TransLoc Rider: Transit Tracking & Alerts app for iPhone and iPad

TransLoc Rider: Transit Tracking & Alerts app good for

I LOVE this app! As an Emory student I rely heavily on this app. I do not live close to campus and my schedule is really busy so having the notifications when theres a delay and the reason and location is great!
I really like this app! Id love to have the option to set my home address as an alternative to iPhone location. This way I can look at stops and times independently of where I am located. Five stars!
Love the app!!! Helpful in keeping track of when the bus is not far away. I love the real time movement.
As someone who loves exploring different public transit systems (and accompanying apps) everywhere I go, this app is always what I look to first. Easy to pick up and use in a hurry! Love the ETA and route map features! Now if we could just get more widely used mass-transit...
Its everything Amtrak should be but its not. More accurate than online notices and text updates from Amtrak. Only thing that could improve would be why certain delays have occurred (trespasser/vehicle strikes).
Currently this app will require you to have location access on Always or Never. Always drains my battery, so I usually have it set to Never, and then I have to turn it on manually. It would be great if you could change this to allow location access While Using.

Some bad moments

This app is offered on the Canadian App Store but doesnt recognize any Canadian transit systems. Cmon Apple. We cant get apps on the US site but we can get US apps on the Canadian site that arent relevant.
Ive found the the bus tracker isnt alway accurate and often has buses in the wrong places. Im not sure if this is the buses fault or the app. Also, since the latest update, I cant load any routes. It will not allow me to open up the route option to pick one and view the buses.
The app doesnt let me choose bus routes on my iPhone 5. Very inconvenient!
Its unusable now. The route selection button no longer does anything
This app has proven so far to be useless to me. I have an iPhone 6, and the shuttles in the Atlanta Perimeter area dont show accurately. The tracking feature doesnt work, and shows shuttles sitting still in one location, then it arrives while youre looking at the app. Waste of space. Deleting soon. Wish there were something that could help.
This app is one of the most frustrating and terribly designed transit apps Ive ever used. When I first contacted the developer about their apps unreliability on the Emory/CCTMA route, they first fed me a line about unreliable GPS data. A suspicious answer in itself, but downright infuriating when you realize that they actually control the on-bus hardware! Most of the time it’s tough to blame a transit app for accuracy, but in this case TransLoc controls the entire mess of a system! It’s 2016, “GPS is unreliable, ya know?” is no longer a reasonable excuse for vanishing buses and wildly inaccurate perdiction times. Add to this an incredibly bloated, slow, buggy, dated UI/UX and the result is a completely useless app. (For what it’s worth—Android and iOS are equally terrible, although their SMS functionality is slightly more accurate and has an infinitely better UX) Unfortunately, there aren’t really any alternatives, although I’m pretty sure somebody with a Raspberry Pi, a couple of GPS/cell radios and a few weeks of Code Academy under their belt could blow the entire ecosystem out of the water.

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